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Solicitations by Non-County Company

A company known as Local Records Office located in Los Angeles is sending out solicitations to taxpayers who recently purchased property in Kern County. They claim to provide a property profile and deed information for a fee. This company is not associated with Kern County or the Kern County Assessorís or Recorderís Offices. This solicitation has the appearance of a bill. Please do not regard this correspondence as a bill. Property profile information is available at the Assessorís Office and Deed information is available at the Recorderís Office for a nominal fee.


“Kern’s Property Valued at $89.2 Billion for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year”

Kern County Assessor-Recorder, Jon Lifquist, announced today that his office has determined the taxable value of Kern County property for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015 at $89.2 billion, representing an $8.5 billion decrease or a 9% decline from the prior fiscal year.

The decline in overall assessed values was anticipated due to the recent plunge in oil and gas prices and underscores the role of oil and gas as an economic asset in Kern County. The mineral roll represented approximately one third of assessed values for the 2014-2015 tax year but is down to less than one quarter of the countyís total assessment for the new fiscal year, 2015-2016.

The decline of petroleumís valuation to Kern Countyís assessment roll was somewhat mitigated by the continued growth and improvement in the real property sector Ė commercial, residential and agricultural real estate. Highlights in commercial real estate include the Outlets at Tejon, completed in December 2014, and the Sun Select growing and packing facility in Tehachapiís Cummings Valley. The nearly 1.5 million square foot Sun Select complex, completed in late 2014, is just the first phase of a four phase building project.

In most of the county, residential sale prices were up yet again in 2014, continuing the recovery which began in 2011. The approximately 60,000 properties valued under Proposition 8 Ė the majority of which are single family residences Ė represent a fraction of the properties with reduced assessments in recent years.

Despite the ongoing drought, agricultural land sales are at a historical high and continue to climb. Recent plantings of trees and vines have also contributed to a year-to-year increase in agricultural assessments over 2014-2015.

The Rising Tree Wind Facility, a major Tehachapi area wind energy project completed during the assessment year, contributed to an increase in the unsecured property roll.

The Assessor's Office is responsible for over 400,000 individual assessments. Within these assessments, the office must determine ownership, mailing address, mapping, location and the value of the assessment. The Assessor maintains a record of the age, quality, remaining economic life, and other characteristics for each real or personal property item to assist in determining assessed value.

The Assessor renders opinions of value, either for the base value, or the market value of a property. The office is proactive in lowering values when warranted. Mr. Lifquist urges property owners to call if they believe the assessed value of their property exceeds market value as of January 1, 2015. The Assessor is committed to ensuring that property owners pay no more in property taxes than what is prescribed by law. Homeowners should be informed that it is not necessary to contract with or pay outside companies for a review of their assessed values. The Assessorís Office staff will conduct a review free of charge upon request by the taxpayer. Requests for review do need to be submitted before November 30, 2015.

To inquire whether your property is in a decline in value status or the current market value is less than your Proposition 13, factored base year value, please access the Assessor's website at http://assessor.co.kern.ca.us/propertysearch/index.php. The 2015 taxable value will be displayed along with your Proposition 13 base value difference, if any. This will indicate if your property is benefitting from a decline in value. Street address or Assessor Parcel Number is required to access your information.

Property owners without access to the County website can obtain a printed value notice by calling the Kern County Assessor's Office at 661-868-3485, or by writing or coming into the Assessor's office located at 1115 Truxtun Avenue, 2nd floor, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

Mr. Lifquist concluded by stating that he is proud of his staff for the diligent efforts they made to close this yearís assessment roll.


No fee is necessary to have your property taxes lowered.

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